How to get to Scauri - LivingApple

The airport you choose to arrive in Italy or to depart from Italy (apart from the price) depends on how much time you have available to visit Italy and how you have planned your trip.

The main airports for traveling in central Italy are: Rome Fiumicino, Rome Ciampino, Naples Capodichino and Pescara Abruzzo.

If you are traveling by car, follow the instructions below:

  • From Rome : A1 motorway, Cassino (FR) exit, take the SS 630 Ausonia and reach the SS7 Appia
  • From Naples : Highway A 56, Naples ring road, take the SS 7 Quater Domitiana and follow the signs for Scauri
  • From Latina : SS7 Appia; SP148 Pontinia; SP213 Flacca;
  • From Cassino : State road 630 (SS 630) Ausonia and reach the SS7 Appia

Useful information for GPS settings

LIVINGAPPLE : to reach SCAURI we suggest you initially set Scauri, Via Appia n. 309 and, subsequently, Scauri Via Tore n. 22, otherwise the GPS will suggest alternative countryside routes.